Poison Skittles


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“Life is like a bag of Skittles . . .  you never know what you’re gonna get.”
I am semi-plagiarizing the character Forrest Gump’s famous line from the film Forrest Gump.

Donald Trump, Jr. likens Syrian refugees to “poison Skittles.” How fitting that a man of no taste refers to people he knows nothing about as a multi-colored confection.

His tweet:

“This image says it all.  Let’s end the politically correct agenda that doesn’t put America first.”

This is the caption below the gleaming white bowl of Skittles with the Trump/Pence logo: “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”

Hmm. White bowl, colored Skittles. This could also be seen as racist, could it not? Like the white ruling class holding the non-white people in a bowl (earth?) and controlling them. Alas, I do digress.

The white color could symbolize purity and innocence and the candies inside, the unknown or the impure? Perhaps it is a cautionary tale for trick-or-treaters. After all, Halloween is fast upon us. Should we withhold  mini bags of Skittles gathered  by our jubilant children at All Hallows’ Eve, for fear they may be in possession of a tainted one? So many questions.

What are your thoughts on the poison Skittles predicament?


Trump’s Butler is a Wacko


(Trump with Anthony Senecal – google)

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

Those of you who perused today’s New York Times may have read the story about Trump’s longtime butler Anthony Senecal calling for the execution of President Obama.  He rants ad nauseam on his facebook page about his hatred for Obama. This story was uncovered by Mother Jones.

Trump campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks said in an email, “We totally and completely disavow the horrible statements made by him.”

I certainly hope so.

I read the article in Mother Jones which includes several of his facebook posts and responses to them. He repeatedly refers to “muzzies” (Muslims) and to President Obama as a “commie muzzie.”

This was Senecal’s Facebook post on Wednesday:

To all my friends on FB, just a short note to you on our pus headed “president” !!!! This character who I refer to as zero (0) should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term !!!!! Instead he still remains in office doing every thing he can to gut the America we all know and love !!!!! Now comes Donald J Trump to put an end to the corruption in government !!!! The so called elite, who are nothing but common dog turds from your front lawn are shaking in their boots because there is a new Sheriff coming to town, and the end to their corruption of the American people (YOU) is at hand !!!! I cannot believe that a common murder is even allowed to run (killery clinton) OR that a commie like bernie is a also allowed to also run !!!! Come on America put your big boy pants on—this election you have a choice—GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE !!!! Thank you !!!!

We can all shake our heads and say he’s insane or is suffering from dementia, but the fact is he has a forum for his hatred, and many people support his views.

In 1990 Senecal took a couple years off from his butler-ing stint at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida to become mayor of Martinsburg, West Virginia. One of his proposals was to require panhandlers to carry “begging permits” at all times. What a tender-hearted fellow!

On June 16, 2015, he posted on Facebook:

Today, my employer and friend Donald J Trump announced he was running for the Office of President of the United States… NO ONE deserves to run for and be elected to this GREAT office, than Mr. Trump. !!!!!

His love and loyalty for Trump seem to no no bounds.

The Secret Service is going to investigate.

These are the times that indeed try men’s and women’s souls.

Don’t Smile for the Camera at the DMV

Lodi DMV


This morning I went to the DMV in Lodi to renew my driver’s license, arriving at around 8 a.m. After presenting and having my 6 points of ID approved at Checkpoint 1, I was given a cardboard number 30 and asked to sit down and wait for my number to be called. A group of middle-aged white men had gathered in front of us sitting “waiters.” One was all in black with a holstered gun. An armed security guard in blue manned the information podium in front.

I scanned the room for African Americans. I was praying that none of them would pose a threat, seen or unseen, and get shot by either the man in black or the man in blue. Can’t help it, my mind’s been going in that direction these days.

The man in black said loudly, “When I was in Korea during the war, I saw this guy take a cat and knock it on the head, then hang it upside down and skin it. (pause) I thought I was in a pet shop.” The guys in the circle roared with laughter. “A pet shop!” the man in black said.

It was too early in the morning to fully digest this kind of information. It felt like the rest of us were intruding on a good ole boys circle, or maybe they belonged in a fraternity lodge somewhere. I imagined them in the woods guffawing, hunting deer and doing other manly things—not that there’s anything wrong with that.

One of the middle-aged men engaged in conversation with the middle-aged white man sitting next to me, who was with his wife.

“I was in Ramsey yesterday afternoon, and the high school was on lockdown. Not sure what was going on.” the standing man said.

“Don’t know,” the other man said.

The man in black strutted up and down the floor like a peacock–patrolling, it seemed.

“Number 28, 29, 30,” the woman at Checkpoint 2 called.

She said, “There’s a glitch in the computer system. That’s why it’s taking so long. I don’t understand—new computers and it takes longer.”

“Yes, I know.” I said, smiling. “I work with computers at my job too.”

It was a bit of a wait. I was there till almost 10 o’clock.

I made sure to “put on my face” before leaving the house, knowing they would be taking my photo for the new license and not feeling very photogenic.

A bespectacled woman with a lovely smile called me to window 6, and said “Hi.” She was much softer than the surrounding atmosphere, a breath of fresh air. I gave her my 6 points of ID and read a sign on the wall, “When posing for your photo, please keep a neutral expression.” Six photos of people of varying ages, sexes and races above the text demonstrated what a “neutral” expression was. None looked cheerful. I carefully studied their expressions: I can do that. Stay neutral, don’t call attention to yourself. There’s reason for this: the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission’s facial recognition technology software can only recognize a “poker face,” not a smile. This new technology is meant to combat drivers license fraud.

I succeeded on the first take. I was neutral with a dash of Serial Mom, and a slight turkey neck. Maybe it’s time for a neck lift. The woman with the lovely smile kept my new photo on the screen for awhile, almost too long. I didn’t want other people to see the photo, but it gave me time to study my wrinkles and neck.

“Is it okay?” she said.

“Yes, it’s fine. Can you remove the wrinkles?” I said.

She smiled warmly, “We do that on Saturdays.”

I paid the $24 and took my receipt. The lady said, “Happy Holidays!”

“Same to you,” I said, not afraid to smile now.

Next time you’re at the DMV, don’t smile for the camera.