Evil is the New Black


(photo: Alexandra Panyukova)

Orange is no longer the New Black
Evil has trumped it

with gun-slaughter
domestic terrorismus
unlawful law enforcers
sniper attacks

blood splatter
media porn king pins and queens
luxuriating in the horror
like a bubble bath
after a hard day

thoughts and prayers
thoughts and prayers
thoughts and prayers

another funeral
interviews on wide screen TV
24-7 news cycle
weeping mothers and children

it’s so banal
it’s all the rage
to be enraged

Congress on vacation
needing a break
from truth

how hard it is to see
when you won’t believe



Tired of politicians’ flaccid thoughts and prayers–
you let it happen again and again
tired of nonstop carnage-porn on TV
Charlie Rose asking the same questions
with a glint in his eyes — blood lust, excitement?

I saw a policeman this morning
at Port Authority
brandishing a semi-automatic rifle
as commuters flooded out the glass doors
from the gates

He scared me

Three armed National Guardsmen
outside Strawberry

I did not feel safe

knowing it will happen again
and again
and again