Cats vs. Blizzard

Sylvester 1(photo by L.E. Swenson)

I venture forth
I’m big and mighty
I’m a warrior,
I don’t mind this heavy
white, wet stuff
My people come
from the forests of
This is nothing for us

Sylvester depressed(photo by L.E. Swenson)

Life is a misery
All hope is lost
All I do is lay on
the top step
near the door
and hope for the
humans to make
the white glop stop
coming down.
Why won’t they heed
my desperate pleas?!

Tired Quincy

The sound of mother
shoveling outside
exhausts me
I wish she would stop
so I could get my
beauty sleep
Why doesn’t she
just stay inside
so I can monitor
her every activity?

Quincy on toilet

For example,
I like to wait for her
outside the shower
and when she makes herself
into soup with those smelly salts
I sit on this thing
and then on the rug if she
takes too long
Why do humans like to
make soup of themselves?

In general, this is what we cats think of blizzards:

Zen CD Master

Quincy, CD master

I am Quincy, Master of the CD rack upon which I sit and reign. All who pass this way must pay a toll, and/or give me treats. Temptations are my favorite.

Quincy, CD master 2

I am Quincy, Master of the CD rack, but sometimes I get distracted and watch TV.