I’ll Be Watching You

photo by E. Herd, World Trade Center subway station)

These eyes greet you as you exit
There is another pair at the top
of the stairs

These eyes

The right one has a larger iris
almost squinting, drooping
tired of too much

The left one is
more focused,
alert and cold

Tired Big Brother
Tired Big Sister
tired of spies


Splendor in the Glass

Here are some views of my new work environs in the Financial District.

North End Avenue

Murray Street – food shops and such

Tulips on the Glass – Brookfield Place

Fashion window

Models on the Glass – outside Brookfield Place

glass building

Behind building (excuse my thumb, upper left corner)

water view

My favorite view (non-glass)

What though the radiance
 which was once so bright
 Be now for ever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
 Of splendour in the grass,
 of glory in the flower,
 We will grieve not, rather find
 Strength in what remains behind;
 In the primal sympathy
 Which having been must ever be;
 In the soothing thoughts that spring
 Out of human suffering;
 In the faith that looks through death,
 In years that bring the philosophic mind.

–William Wordsworth

My best wishes to all for a glorious Memorial Day weekend!

Cat Intervention



I was despondent.
I didn’t know where to turn.
Even Fat Mousie (in front of radiator) couldn’t cheer me up.
I was about to climb back into the bottle,
when my brother brought me back.



See, you don’t need the liquor, Quincy.
Just sit on the table with me
and stare at Dad until he gives you treats.


Wow, Samson, you’re right!
I don’t need the Everclear.
What I really need is a handful of Temptations.

And if Dad doesn’t give them to me,
it’ll be on his conscience
if I fall off the wagon.


Now, you’re getting the picture.
Let’s take a nap.


Good idea.

boys 2

The Lady in the Robe


mannequin - side angle

Is she a prisoner
or a confused supermodel
the Lady in the Robe

Does she wonder how
she landed in a Chemist’s on Park
our Lady in the Robe

Is she a meeter and greeter,
or did she go for a spa day
to wind up in that thing

Is she tired or
or besotted with ennui
watching pedestrians zag and zig

or a time traveler,
a Twilight Zone character–
walking the floors at night

Nothing fazes her,
she’s a real New Yorker
she never gets uptight

I hope she enjoys her weekend
whether in or out of bath wear
she needs a break from
watching the streets
our Lady in the terry

*photos by E. Herd


The Kitty and the Boot

This is the boot, the boot that protects me when I shower It keeps the foot dry until the stitches come out. It is pumped up like a bicycle tire; then it seals shut directly under the knee.

dry pro cast cover

photo: amazon.com

This is the cat who sensed the boot, and ducked and weaved, like Muhammad Ali. He is blind in the right eye, with 30% vision in the left. His world is dominated by smells and sounds more than sight, even more than the average cat. His name is Quincy.

Pensive Pince

This is the cat who went to check on the boot after I had hung it up to dry.

sammy in tub

His name is Samson. He is Quincy’s best friend. He has checked the bathtub thoroughly and believes the coast is clear.

Quincy continues to scour the bedroom and bathroom, thinking to himself: Where is that boot? Will it end civilization as we know it? How can I be sure we are now safe from it and that it shall not reappear?

Quincy says, “This is my Fortress of Contemplation, my safe house, my shield against all harm. I will be safe here until the boot returns.”

Pince in trash

Sammo and Quincy serious

Quincy and Samson in conference, contemplating their fate and that of the missing boot.

Let me leave you with this kernel of wisdom: Cats who live in trash cans should not throw bones.

All photos (except for the boot) by Erica Herd and L.E. Swenson.


Hair by Karl

My hair has the most bounce and body when a certain stylist is at hand, namely, Karl. He’s mysterious though, only working by night, usually when you’re asleep. Let me show you the wonders he has worked with me.

hair by karlHBKHBK 3

In the first shot you can see the obvious surprise on my face when I initially witnessed his genius.

In the second shot, I play a bit with the do, experimenting with different facial angles and expressions (yes, I have done some acting in my day).

In the final shot, I’m working the sass, the badass, saying “Look out, world, don’t f**k with me!”

And here is the Master himself, at leisure.

Karl in the sun

BTW, Karl has a very demanding schedule.  His roster of clients includes primarily super-models (did the recent fashion show at Bryant Park) and A-list celebrities. Needless to say, I am ever-grateful that he finds the time to squeeze me into his busy schedule.

Thank you, Karl.

All photos by E. Herd


The Lions in Winter

lion in winterlion in winter 2

photos by E. Herd

 Patience and Fortitude, the world-renowned pair of marble lions that stand proudly before the majestic Beaux-Arts building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street in Manhattan, have captured the imagination and affection of New Yorkers and visitors from all over the world since the Library was dedicated on May 23, 1911.

When I was in college, the New York Public Library was my favorite place to study on a Saturday afternoon. Many fond memories . . . and the lions were always there.

Happy Friday, all, from me and the lions!