Sit In

It took an old man from Georgia
whose skull was cracked
by the cudgel of prejudice
on “Bloody Sunday,” 1965,
to force the speaker down
even if he would not hear

The speaker called the sit in
a “publicity stunt,”
debasing the act with
a catchall phrase

We are not blind,
Mr. Speaker.
We are not deaf.
You will not silence
the will of the just,
the pure-hearted.
We see through
your icy smile

You have blood
on your hands

Paul Ryan’s Beard

Paul Ryan and Eddie Munster

(google image)

It occurred to me yesterday (I know it’s all over the internet, but I honestly didn’t know till yesterday) that Paul Ryan bears a striking resemblance to Eddie Munster on the TV show, The Munsters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say.


(google image)

Thank God he finally lost that beard. Was he going for a “kinder, gentler, smug, evil bastard” look, or was he simply too exhausted from being an obscenely overpaid “maker”  and shaming the hardworking, non-elite “takers” to shave once a day?  Perhaps he was going for the metrosexual look. Some conservative critics referred to his scruff disparagingly as a “Muslim beard.”

“No word yet on whether Ryan’s beard is a result of his relentless, sleep-in-the-office work ethic, or if it’s just an effort to reach out to younger voters with a newer, hipper image,” Elizabeth Bruenig of New Republic wrote.

I’m pretty sure he was told to ditch the beard before the Koch Brothers or whomever is pulling his strings started engineering his “phantom” campaign for president.

I would love to see Ryan with a “man bun,” wouldn’t you?

Paul Ryan man bun

(google image)

As a final ode to the missing facial hair of Paul Ryan, I leave you with a poem by the late, great George Carlin:

And who can forget this one (also by Carlin):

See my beard
Ain’t it weird
Don’t be sceered
it’s just a beard.