I’m An American Goddamit, Part 2


(photo by Kevin Dooley)

Written by Josiah Enoch Jones, a real American.

Get your asses
out to caucus for
my man
the guy with
the green
who’s gonna
make America
great again

Didn’t I tell you
he gets all the
Palin’s with him now
She was smoking hot
in that Frederick’s
of Hollywood
top – she’s what we
need in the White House
She’s the MILF
for me

Forget the other ones
no way
guy with pointy nose
from Canada
who’s not a real American
and weak Jeb
and the other pudgy-face
They’re too soft
like Trump said

And don’t get me started on the
lady in the pantsuit
or the old man from Vermont
go back to Russia
if you love it so much!

all those kids
who love him
should go back
to Russia too

I’m sticking with
my main man,
who tells it
like it is
who has the highest
he always tell us that
No losers for me

Megyn Kelly
should burn in hell
after what she did to him
Someone should take her out

Now I’m just gonna
keep working-working-working
and stay strong
and try to not foreclose
on my house
and see what’s on sale
at Food Lion for dinner

I haven’t gotten a raise
in four years
my wife left me
my kid’s getting skinny
I don’t know why, and
she won’t talk to me
she wears black lipstick

But Trump
will make
great again
when he fixes
I’ll get a hot
babe too
he’ll raise up
the working man
he’ll save us
he’s got to