Happy Hump Day

Bactrian Camel

(google images)

Morning work rush.
a piece of boiled egg
not properly chewed,
gets lodged in my throat
becoming a ball of cement

Hump Day
we call it Wednesday
but I’ve seen no camels
in the office

Wouldn’t that be fun?
Bring Your Camel or Other Humped Beast
to Work Day–
moose, rhinos, bison, and such
would a humpback whale suffice?
or a drawing of one–why not?

And shall it be one lump or two?
there are one-humped
and two-humped camels,
the humps providing fat for energy
when food is in short supply

Or maybe an egg
stuck in one’s throat
would satisfy the requirement for
a hump
or perhaps something a little more risque?

Free the Zombies

I had passport photos taken today. My passport expires in October, and Lorin and I might be going out of the country this year. You never know. I made sure my hair was washed, and my face was made-even adding eyeliner underneath the lid, which I usually forego. It would be a good passport photo. I was wrong.

out of focus passport photo

(I realize it’s somewhat out of focus – took with my iphone. Believe me, it’s better this way.)

To me this screams, “Just Sentenced to Gulag” or “10 Years Hard Labor.”

Anyway, after hiding the photos in the zippered portion of my wallet and walking back to the office, I realized how much healthier and happier I looked in my photo from 2005. It helped that I had some color in my cheeks, and I think I had recently returned from vacation. And I was smiling. That always helps.

We often read about preserves and parks to save various species who have been enslaved by the circus or been lab animals all their lives. These animals deserve their freedom and a modicum of happiness. We all do!

We also need to recognize the Caged Zombie, aka office worker, who needs sunlight, fresh air, and perhaps, even a pool to splash in. Would it be so hard to provide this?

Granted, we get vacation time, but sometimes we don’t have adequate funds to travel, or things are too busy at the office for us to leave. What would be the harm in providing us– free of charge–a few weeks of freedom, out of our usual surroundings, away from the grueling commute that gradually transforms us from humans into zombies. Would it be too much to ask?

Prerequisites for a zombie vacation:

1.   freedom from computers

2.   freedom from answering phones

3.   freedom from flourescent lights

4.  freedom from multi-tasking

5.  freedom from fire drills

6.  open spaces

7.  natural sunlight

8.  pools to splash in

9.  freedom from commuting

What would your ideal zombie vacation be?