What is That


(photo by bivoir)

He and his lady
stare up at the tree
what is that?

They stand
on the sidewalk
alongside the delivery truck
as men unload
sodas and water
in 5 gallon jugs

What is that
says the “Silver Ghost”
with blue starlit eyes

I look too
but I see nothing
I was expecting a bird
or a squirrel

Both he and his lady
are transfixed,
to all movement around them

What is that
I wanted to know


Note: “Silver Ghost” is one of the names for the Weimaraner.

Pudu Makes It Better




(photo – cnn.com)

This 6×6 inch deer
could fit inside your shoe
unlike Thumbelina or Tinkerbell
he was born at the Queens Zoo


(google images)

It’s hard to be upset or sad
when looking at this fellow
he can calm the worried heart
and make the Angry mellow

The smallest deer species in the world
He prefers solitude and likes to hide
He sprints and jumps with savoir faire
And barks when danger abides

Well that’s the story of the pudu
I hope it makes you smile
and transports you from mundanities
If only for a while