Tired of politicians’ flaccid thoughts and prayers–
you let it happen again and again
tired of nonstop carnage-porn on TV
Charlie Rose asking the same questions
with a glint in his eyes — blood lust, excitement?

I saw a policeman this morning
at Port Authority
brandishing a semi-automatic rifle
as commuters flooded out the glass doors
from the gates

He scared me

Three armed National Guardsmen
outside Strawberry

I did not feel safe

knowing it will happen again
and again
and again


Rush Hour

Transcript of announcement (female voice):  Please be advised that the Port Authority Bus Terminal is experiencing both inbound and outbound delays due to heavy volume. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. (I recorded this at PABT)

The reasons for delays are always one of three:
(1) heavy volume,
(2) inclement weather (even when it’s sunny) or
(3) police activity in the Lincoln Tunnel.

PA 9-3-14photo

Gate 224 9-3-14Gate 224 (2)  9-3-14

(above photos: Erica Herd)

The National Guard is often on duty, but, unfortunately, they are unable to speed the passage of buses into the terminal.

National Guard at PA

(photo credit: http://www.army.mil)

For more info on the Port Authority Bus Terminal (if you dare),  check out this article.

And here’s comedian John Oliver’s take on PABT.