Melania Trump’s Dress


(photo: Daily Mail)

All that you really need to know about last night is that Melania wore a beautiful dress by London-based Serbian designer Roksanda Ilinic that cost $2,190. It sold out minutes after she gave her campaign speech at the Republican National Convention. Way to go, Melania! Get Americans shopping again so the terrorists don’t win. Let’s not talk about her speech, that may have been plagiarized, echoing passages from Michelle Obama’s speech before the DNC in 2008. Fashion trumps substance!

Speaking of fashion and substance, did you catch former Calvin Klein underwear model  and soap opera actor Antonio Sabato Jr.’s speech? He moved from Rome to the U.S. in 1985 and became a naturalized citizen in 2006. He believes that Obama is a Muslim and told ABC News that Obama is “with the bad guys.” At least he looks good in underwear.


(google image)

I’ll admit to only having watched Antonio Sabato Jr. (kept hoping he would strip down to those undershorts) and the guy who came after him who was rather dour. Last night’s theme was “Make America Safe Again”–neither as catchy nor as bold as “Make America Great Again.” I wonder what tonight’s theme / motto will be.

I missed out on purchasing Melania’s dress like so many other women had the fortune to do. To be truthful, it’s more than I can afford to pay for a dress. Not sure I’d ever spend that much on a dress, but never say never. Isn’t it more important that we have the privilege to emulate celebrities, models (including underwear models) and those above our station, and imagine ourselves as rich and glamorous as they are? Ah, we can dream. Can’t we?

Melania Meets The Stepford Wives

Did anyone else find Melania’s stump speech in Milwaukee bizarre?

It has the surreal air of Patty Hearst meets The Stepford Wives.  Perhaps it’s the short baby blue dress attempting, unsuccessfully, to un-sex and de-glamorize her, or is it the forced, canned nature of her speech?

Her dress reminded me of Baby June’s dress in Gypsy. Were the image stylists going for a “baby doll” look? I don’t think so, probably it was more of a girl next door who happens to be from Slovenia.

Baby June(l

(google image – Gypsy with Patti LuPone, Baby June far right)

Don’t you just want Melania to break out singing “Let Me Entertain You?”

My interpretation of Melania’s speech:

Yes, you will love The Donald as I love The Donald.

He will make the best leader.

You will believe every word I say or I will devour you whole and make you into a Stepford Wife.

You will never be as gorgeous and rich as I am, but you will find me relatable somehow and realize how much He loves women and isn’t a sexist pig.