Litter Box Surfing


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Nothing like stepping in a litter box to start your day off with a bang. Yes, I did the unthinkable this morning, and stepped in one of the four kitty litter boxes  with my flip-flopped left foot.

We have four cats and used to have two litter boxes, but found that box wars ensued, and accidents (?) occurred, so Lorin and I thought it best to increase the number of boxes to four–one for each kitty.

This morning while I was litter box surfing — the act of agilely manuevering one’s slippered feet in between the boxes set up in their own private basement corner nook while scooping from one to the next.

And since you asked, I am not the best swimmer, nor can I surf. I tried windsurfing once in Cancun and was the only person in our group of beginners (although some seemed to take to it immediately) who spent most of her time off the board and eventually swam to shore.

Anyway, imagine me in pajamas and flip flops, a skilled kitty scooper, with years of experience under her belt, losing her footing (blame it on the lack of coffee). Not only did my foot become submerged in the box (fortunately I had just cleaned it),  but I tipped the damn thing over lengthwise so most of the contents spilled all over the floor. Wipeout!

That was my exciting morning.

Now tell me about yours.