Bernie – Too Sexy for His Fur

Bernie cover modelBernie 2Bernie 3

This is Bernie, whom many of you have already heard about. He is the latest member of our “pride.” We adopted him through S.T.A.R.T. (Save the Animals Rescue Team) in New Jersey. He was at a pound in Paterson–apparently his owner had died–and brought to PetSmart in Paramus for adoption. He resided there for about two months: everyone loved him but they were concerned about his weight–24 pounds. I guess that made him hard to adopt, and the fact he wasn’t a kitten; he’s five years old. We are keeping him on the lower calorie food he was accustomed to eating, Hill Science Diet “Perfect Weight.” He seems to have lost some weight, mainly from being uncaged and playing with the other cats and going up and down the stairs.  I also think he was depressed, but he isn’t showing any signs of that now. All good!

As you can see he is quite the looker and loves to pose for a photograph. This song is in honor of Bernie. He’s too sexy for his fur, wouldn’t you agree?

Smurf and Wanda: A Love Story


photo: Facebook/Nine Lives Foundation

I may be purple and
you may be blind
but we will love each other
till the end of time.
–from Smurf to Wanda

I had to share the story of the darling California kitties, Smurf and Wanda. They both suffered abuse and injury, but luckily, they were rescued by kind humans and found each other. Read on and don’t forget to watch the videos–priceless. Smurf massages Wanda even though one of his arms is still in a pink cast.