Zombie-Voodoo Dream

(google image, Night of the Living Dead, 1968)

A shadowy figure
coal dust-covered zombie in rags
followed me everywhere
reaching out his rotting finger
trying to touch me

I went into a hotel
telling them he would not leave me alone,
not to let him in
He got in anyway
I said, “What do you want from me?”
making a cross with two fingers in front of my face
as if that would ward him away

He didn’t speak

“I curse you,” I said.

I know he was trying to curse me

I woke up,  ready to do battle
with the zombie voodoo brigade


11 thoughts on “Zombie-Voodoo Dream

  1. You did the right thing. Fighting back is de rigueur. Fighting the darkness, with light is a good strategy too. As to zombies and our political climate, hope for a smack down very soon, invoke the light, whenever you think of it.

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  2. You fought back the zombie darkness in a dream. I hope you are fighting back inside and working through. I have very vivid dreams and somehow that’s how my mind works things through. I curse that zombie too! 💜

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