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Earth, moist from an earlier rainfall
impression of a body on the ground
where he lay

powder pink blanket with blue stripes
like a baby’s blanket
too short for an adult

I wanted to keep it
but it was taken from me
like everything else
that day

ground into dust

I am powder
no longer whole
only particles of myself

I don’t recognize who I am


7 thoughts on “Powder

  1. Your pieces are powerful and beautifully written…I don’t know what to say any more to support you on this journey of sorts…it’s painful and personal and no words can ever express the sorry that another human being feels…just know that I continue to hold you in love and light and kindness…..you are loved…((HUGS)) Lucie

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  2. Beautifully put – I just wish it weren’t true. As others have said, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings here – if it’s any consolation, not only do they offer insight into what you’re going through; they can help others, too. Sending a hug and a pat for Samson.

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  3. Such a beautiful yet heartbreaking poem. I had to read it over and over. The imagery of powder makes me feel like you’ll be together somehow forever. I’m sorry and I care so much.

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