Scarlet Widow

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Don’t ask
don’t tell
A good widow
stays in the shadows
doesn’t mind the stares

I wear my wedding ring,
a source of confusion to some
I will wear it as long as I need to

So many questions

The lady at the nail salon
wanted to know
all the gorey details of the car accident
while trying to upsell me
on an acrylic manicure.
“I’m trying to save,” I said.
“I only have one income now.”
She said, “You’re lucky to be alive.”
I laughed and said, “I guess.”
I didn’t go back there again.

A good widow knows her place
A bad one has a scarlet letter
carved into her heart

She tries not to upset your

She tries to remember her place

Don’t burn her at the stake



16 thoughts on “Scarlet Widow

  1. Great loss is often too personal to share with strangers. There is no door to slam in the face of too many questions. I am sorry you had to experience this insensitivity. Keep letting it all out as best you can. Sheila

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  2. Wow, what an awful experience at the nail salon. I’m sorry you had to go through it. But I respect you for keeping on your wedding ring. You do what feels right, and fuck everyone else. I think of you and Samson often. As I’ve said before, if you’re able and want to get away and come to Paris to have a change of scenery, just let me know – we have an apartment just across the hall and would gladly welcome you. Sending a big hug. Hang in there and as the young folks say, Fuck the haters.

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  3. Alysa, Yes, it was pretty awful. I didn’t realize it was awful until much later. I guess I’m numb to a lot of things. Thank you for the kind offer! I will keep that in mind. xo


  4. I’m so sorry you’re suffering people’s insensitivity. When my grandfather died, my grandmother asked if that meant she had to take off her wedding ring. (They had been married 67 years, and the thought really upset her.) I told her the only time it might cause a problem is if she decided she wanted to remarry. I still firmly believe that only the survivor can decide when he/she is ready to take off the ring. For some, it is never.

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