Running with the Devil

Trump’s latest attack on Hillary: he called her “the devil.” And, as you all may have heard, he has accused Bernie Sanders of “making a deal with the devil.”

Pot calling the kettle black, anyone?

One could say the same of Chris Christie, who received nada for his loyalty to Trump. Who can forget that priceless photo of him standing seemingly shell-shocked (like he had been abducted or had Stockholm syndrome) behind his self-proclaimed master.


(google image)

I was waiting for Christie to blurt out, “I am Tania,” in the spirit of Patty Hearst.


(google – Patty Hearst)

But who really made a deal with the devil? Could it be the Republican Party, who still endorses Trump in spite of his exceptionally crude, un-presidential behavior? The latest debacle is his maligning the parents of fallen U.S. soldier Humayun Khan, saying, among other things, that Mrs. Khan didn’t speak at the Democratic National Convention because she wasn’t allowed to (being a Muslim woman). Trump went on to say that he had sacrificed a lot for his businesses, after Khizr Khan pronounced, “You have sacrificed nothing. and no one . . . .”

On the subject of sacrifice, an article in today’s New York Times discusses Trump’s multiple deferments from serving in the Vietnam War: four for college, one for bone spurs. Yes, he has sacrificed. Of course, he isn’t the only would-be president to have deferred serving in the military, but he is the only one to attack the family of someone who has served, and paid the ultimate price.

Even Warren Buffett piped in regarding this latest super-gaffe, echoing the words of former Army Chief counsel Joe Welch to Senator Joe McCarthy, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

That’s really what it all comes down to: decency.

Be forewarned: Devils come in all shapes, colors and sizes, including orange.

8 thoughts on “Running with the Devil

  1. I rarely make comments when the topic is either politics or religion, but will tell you that I don’t know why our choices have boiled down to this…. I’m particularly concerned about Hillary spending 1/2 million per day, mainly to lobby against Trump…
    When one primes a well, they pour in a small amount of water in the expectation of getting back a lot of water…. I’m having difficulty imaging just how much $$$$$ she and her backers expect to get back from that kind of investment and wondering where those profits are expected to end up.

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  2. I won’t even acknowledge his name, orange devil seems fine to me. Every day he steps lower and lower below the levels of decency. Seriously waiting for his head to explode. I read the article in the NYT, and I agree, what he’s done to this Gold star family is disgusting. They made the ultimate sacrifice…and WTF has he done except make other peoples’ live miserable with unpaid bills, and lawsuits. I am patiently waiting for karma to swallow him up. Die orange devil, die!!!!

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