Alone Again (Naturally)

Karl 2

As some of you know, Bernie is the newest member of our “pride.” He’s been part of the family since April 23. For the first four weeks or so, he stayed upstairs and developed what seemed to be a strong bond with Karl (above). Karl lost his best kitty friend five years ago, so Lorin and I were very happy when we saw the closeness unfolding between Karl and Bernie. Karl is very timid and spends most of his time upstairs in the guest bedroom.

Bernie Might Love Karl

Karl and Bernie

After four or five weeks, Bernie started coming downstairs. I think he realized that’s where the food and “action” is. He began playing with Samson and Quincy and sleeping on the sofa or one of the dining room chairs. Now he rarely, if ever, goes upstairs.

This has not been easy for Karl. Over the weekend, Karl tried to woo Bernie back through various vocalizations (some mournful and heartbreaking) and by sitting or lying near him or on his new scratch mat in the dining room. It seems this only frightened Bernie and made him feel cornered.

Karl can be extremely pushy and aggressive during play or when he wants affection.

This morning I was awoken at 4:45 a.m. to the sound of shrieking, growling (Bernie) and  woeful crying (Karl).  I headed downstairs and shuttled Karl upstairs and locked him in the bedroom with me. He was intermittently crying and panting, and when I got him to sit on the bed with me, I saw a tuft of white fur in his claw–Bernie’s. It took at least a half hour for Karl to calm down from what seemed like a panic attack. Lorin brought a dish of food and water upstairs, which he devoured.

Karl seemed much calmer after that.

I feel sad for him: it seems his heart has been broken a second time. I hope Bernie and Karl can settle their “differences” and become buddies again.

11 thoughts on “Alone Again (Naturally)

  1. Things change when a new cat moves into town. The strife level between Scooby and Opie–one sided on Opie’s part–continues but the fighting and screaming comes less frequently. Hopefully things will change for the better, but they usually take time.

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  2. Sometimes friendships take time. I hope Karl and Bernie find common ground…where there’s economic equity, a tiny carbon paw print and open dialogue to create a greener, cleaner, more peaceful co-existence with change they can believe in. Power to the kitties!!

    This message paid for by Bernie and not the Billionaires

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  3. Heart breaking. When we moved, besties Yodi and Lyla (neighbor’s cat) both had a difficult time adjusting. Lyla would go back and forth to our previous house and Yodi would go in and out hoping to find Lyla waiting outside for him. The hopeful good news is that Lyla will be coming to live with us. We just have to get him from Texas to Colorado. Yodi loves it here and we are confident that Lyla will too.😻

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