Sit In

It took an old man from Georgia
whose skull was cracked
by the cudgel of prejudice
on “Bloody Sunday,” 1965,
to force the speaker down
even if he would not hear

The speaker called the sit in
a “publicity stunt,”
debasing the act with
a catchall phrase

We are not blind,
Mr. Speaker.
We are not deaf.
You will not silence
the will of the just,
the pure-hearted.
We see through
your icy smile

You have blood
on your hands

8 thoughts on “Sit In

  1. Every day more people are killed by guns…enough debates, enough studies, enough fucking around. We need to outlaw assault weapons, end the gun show loop hole, create a international database to track guns, gun owners, and red flag anyone who has been involved in domestic violence, anger/rage/mental instability, militias, violent crimes, animal abuse, and whatever the psychologists/scientists can come up with so we can have a safer society. Enough blood shed!! Gun control now!!

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  2. Thank you. I don’t think that Republicans have grasped the fact that they’ve lost control of the public debate because most of us are no longer willing to be told that calling us names is the same as making policy.

    It’s not about Islamic Terrorism or Guns. It’s about arrogant and greedy American born men and women who place us all in harms way for personal gain.

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