Tired of politicians’ flaccid thoughts and prayers–
you let it happen again and again
tired of nonstop carnage-porn on TV
Charlie Rose asking the same questions
with a glint in his eyes — blood lust, excitement?

I saw a policeman this morning
at Port Authority
brandishing a semi-automatic rifle
as commuters flooded out the glass doors
from the gates

He scared me

Three armed National Guardsmen
outside Strawberry

I did not feel safe

knowing it will happen again
and again
and again


7 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. I’m heartbroken and scared all at once. Having been the target of hatred-I know the fear, and outrage of being attacked because of who I love. It is wrong…and that is the first step in this country-to stop the homophobia. The GOP introduced over 200 bills targeting the LGBTQ community. This behavior gives permission to those who harbor hatred. And guns…this country has to stop its obsession with guns. Enough!!! I fear this will be another sound bite…until the next massacre. #Stonewallmeansfightback

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  2. Yes, I know, Nancy. It is an outrage and must be so scary for you. I am frightened too, and outraged that Congress cannot seem to pass a bill strengthening the gun laws and outlawing these automatic weapons. As long as the gun lobbyists control them with money, and greed rules, nothing will change.


  3. I get the ‘Fear Factor’, however, I implore all who are frightened, to resist that impulse w/every fiber of their being. That is what “they” = The consciousness of hate/ignorance and all other forms of the lowest in human behavior. – want. “They” want to instill rampant fear in the populace.
    Fear paralysis’, and renders an ineffectual response to the situation, allowing the enemy to gain an important psychological advantage. Categorically unacceptable.
    As difficult a task as it is, we now need to channel that fear and frustration into positive life moments.
    Overcoming the negative forces of the psyche. Defeat it’s descent into its’ own blackest scenario.
    Anything less is an injustice to the memory of Orlando.
    To be sure, there will be a certain number of our own politicians who will use that fear to strengthen
    their own nefarious agendas. Tune them out.
    It is neither trite nor outdated to invoke the words of Pres. FDR, who saw this nation through and on to
    become the victors of a World War. ” We have nothing to fear but fear itself”
    Remember it. Keep the faith.

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  4. I’m scared at what crazy times we are living in. My aunt was put to rest last August and buried in Newton, Connecticut. She lived to her 90s. Hers and my godfathers graves are surrounded by the little children killed in Newton by a mentally disturbed young man who was allowed to buy weopons. It makes no sense. None at all.

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  5. It is kind of strange how police make us feel less secure. I went to a peace event at a mosque recently and the place was surrounded by police and sheriffs. I don’t remember the last time I was so uncomfortable.


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