Men Who Lunch

I was eating lunch at my favorite urban park yesterday. Four sets of stairs to the top, but it’s worth it for the view. When you’re lucky, you find a place in the sun. Those seats usually go first. I sat in the shade. Two men sat on the same metal mesh bench as me–one in his 40s, I think, and the other in his 20s. Both wore boat shoes, khakis and button down pastel shirts – casual Friday wear on a Wednesday.

I couldn’t help but eavesdrop: it’s a necessity for a writer, I believe. The day before two 20-something girls sat next to me. Here was part of their conversation in Valley Girl uptalk:

Girl #1:  I pet this stray cat in an alley today–like, he came right up to me.

Girl #2:  Yaah.

Girl #1: Then, he like, scratched me. You know, cats are bipolar.

Girl #2: Yaah, they’re mean.

The 20-something guy also had the Valley-speak. Like, whatever.

Older guy: So what kind of music do you do?

Young dude: It’s like soul, but kind of poppy and a bit R&B.

Older dude: (couldn’t make out his response — kind of a low talker).

Older dude: Any plans for the summer?

Young dude: Well, my folks have a house on Block Island, so we’ll be hanging out there.

Older dude: (mumble mumble)

Young dude:  So what’s happening with your boat?

Older dude: (mumble mumble) What about yours?

Young dude: We’re working on the sails right now, should be ready to go soon.

The young dude kind of reminded me of the Owen Wilson character in Meet the Parents. Ah, the good life, summering on Block Island and yachting. Sounds like a blast, dude.

Here’s to bipolar cats, yachting and the ladies and men who lunch!

4 thoughts on “Men Who Lunch

  1. Yup, you’re right…writers are constantly observing human behavior. But this conversation would make me….go Oh no…like gag me with a spoon! I hope you find your place in the sun tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

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