Pharmacy Lady

Outside CVS (Erica Herd)

Outside CVS (Erica Herd)

It’s been nine years,
Pharmacy Lady,
and you still don’t
know my name

or my date of birth

I’m in the store
at least three times
a month
I remember your face
why don’t you remember mine?

One time you actually
misspelled and mispronounced
my last name
it’s pretty easy–
one syllable

I wonder if you
treat all your customers
that way

You seem so chatty with others
I can be chatty too

Are you too tired to care?
Your hair seems more disheveled
as of late
Do people yell at you?

I never do

One time you
told me to bring
my non-prescription
to the front of the store

“Why?” I said,
in horror
“Because it’s so busy,
and I’m working the
drive-through too.”


It’s enough to make me
want to go back to
Duane Reade

is one of my favorite stores
the coupons are a godsend

I hope you see
how much you’ve hurt me,
Pharmacy Lady,
and how
easy it would be
to smile
once in a while
and maybe, just maybe
remember me



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