It’s Like Being Shot or Poisoned

I have to say I’m liking South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham more and more these days. He certainly has a sense of humor. Here’s what he had to say on the choice between Trump and Cruz as the Republican nominee:

“It’s like being shot or poisoned,” he said. “What does it really matter?”

He added, “When Donald Trump speaks about foreign policy, it scares the hell out of me.”

Since Graham dropped out of the presidential race, he seems far more relaxed. He’s kind of the political equivalent of Paul Lynde on The Hollywood Squares.

You can read Graham’s best zingers from the “kids’ table” Republican debates here.  Makes me wish I had seen them.

A couple of my favorites:

On Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s foreign policy and love for The Princess Bride:

“Ted, getting in bed with Iran and Russia to save Assad is inconceivable. Princess Buttercup would not like this.”

On Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“I’m not afraid of a guy running around on a horse without a shirt.”

Happy Friday, everyone!


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