Skelly Comes Home

I was inspired to post this after reading Rebecca Lemke’s story in The and mom in the sun
(Mom and me, 1966)

When Skelly comes home
she’s all skin and bone
Mom screams when she hugs her,
“Are you trying to be a eunuch?”
No, I can’t say that
was my intent.

Mom let’s go, fast.

It’s not about you (for once),
It’s all about me
needing control
finding it the only way
I can
sculpting my body—
you have no part in that

Running and starving
takes discipline—
it’s not for the faint of body
or heart

Don’t touch me
I bruise easily

“You must eat some casserole,”
Mom says.

Skelly heads to her room,
suitcase in hand
“I’m going for a run.”

“Why? You’re so thin.”

It’s has nothing to do with that.

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