Melania Meets The Stepford Wives

Did anyone else find Melania’s stump speech in Milwaukee bizarre?

It has the surreal air of Patty Hearst meets The Stepford Wives.  Perhaps it’s the short baby blue dress attempting, unsuccessfully, to un-sex and de-glamorize her, or is it the forced, canned nature of her speech?

Her dress reminded me of Baby June’s dress in Gypsy. Were the image stylists going for a “baby doll” look? I don’t think so, probably it was more of a girl next door who happens to be from Slovenia.

Baby June(l

(google image – Gypsy with Patti LuPone, Baby June far right)

Don’t you just want Melania to break out singing “Let Me Entertain You?”

My interpretation of Melania’s speech:

Yes, you will love The Donald as I love The Donald.

He will make the best leader.

You will believe every word I say or I will devour you whole and make you into a Stepford Wife.

You will never be as gorgeous and rich as I am, but you will find me relatable somehow and realize how much He loves women and isn’t a sexist pig.

17 thoughts on “Melania Meets The Stepford Wives

  1. i don’t find it very comforting to hear that he treats men and women equally the same. probably the same is true for Putin.

    another chapter in “you can’t make this stuff up” campaign season, to think we could have a First Stepford Wife at the White House. Putting politics aside, I don’t think Jacqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama could be considered as one.

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