The Thing That Got Away


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It’s sleet in an April storm
it’s the homeless 22-year-old
outside Grand Central Station
with a sign,
“You don’t know how humiliating this is .  .  .
I just want to go home.”
you want to turn away
but can’t

the thing that got away

it’s not spoken of
in polite conversation
what makes conversation polite?

It squeezes you
it stops you
in your purposeful tracks
It muddles your dreams
it asks you why
you abandoned it
what could be more important

the you that got away

5 thoughts on “The Thing That Got Away

  1. You can console yourself by imagining she’s got one helluva fine hustle going, and at the end of the day hops into her Lexus and heads to her club. Some do just that, you know. Occasionally, if I sense this one is different, I’ll talk to them a little. Usually then you can tell. Something will slip if they’re fake. If they pass the test and I can help, I do.. Sometimes only a buck or two. It’s nothing to feel guilty about, tho, as homeless people or those with temporary problems can usually find help in a church. In fact, best way to find out if they’re faking it or if this is their most lucrative “spot” is to offer to walk them to a church or soup kitchen. The fakes will laugh and flip you off.

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  2. It squeezes you, boa-like…..yes…..yes….why is it that I feel so helpless sometimes and powerless? I will give food and I try to always acknowledge them with kind words, but certain people stay with me as I go through my day…beautiful piece, Erica. Beautifully written…..

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