Easter Baskets

The ritual of it
Stations of the Cross
at Blessed Sacrament Church,
watching King of Kings
and The Robe,
shopping at Macy’s or Alexander’s
for Easter outfits

Mom’s Easter baskets
ribbons on the handles
curled with scissors
she learned to do it as a
gift wrapper at Macy’s

me and Rick at Easter

My prize possession
was that sailor suit
my brother and I
clowning for the camera
replete with being
lived in our own world
sometimes that was good

mom on Easter

In pink coat,
white stockings
and gloves,
graceful and
sometimes hard, too

For Erica_Page_3

The munchkin years
I can’t recall
this photo or this outfit
my dress too long
but we had our baskets
we were going places
Rick and me

11 thoughts on “Easter Baskets

  1. Ritual reflection
    sweet recollections
    intoned resurrection
    baskets of hope
    ascension/redemption ….
    garments new from head to toe
    chocolate bunnies the way to go…..
    rainbow peeps steal the show !

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  2. When will they change the name to “Holiday” baskets? I read in the UK today they drop the name “Easter” from chocolate eggs and the like. Love the photos. Yes those were good innocent times for us–me as well. Now I just use old Easter baskets to keep my cat toys in.

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