What About Bob

Gimme gimme gimme
I need, I need . . .

Perhaps this is the best scene from the film What About Bob? starring Bill Murray

Haven’t we all been “gimme gimme” people? At the very least, as infants when we needed our mothers or other guardians to keep us safe, fed, diapered, sheltered.

Haven’t we all been the recipients of the “gimme gimme” ?  Whether at the workplace, with family members, friends or acquaintances. Sometimes we want to help, but other times we don’t or feel we can’t, but nevertheless, we are called to action.

And what of our elected officials? Aren’t they gimme gimme people too?  We elect them, hoping they will gimme back, but that doesn’t necessarily transpire.

And what about now, will our soon-to-be nominees be gimme-ing or taking? We hope the former, but one never knows.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

I want to know what to do. I feel helpless watching the debacle as it unfolds every day on the TV and in the media.

I’m currently reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63 which involves the journey back in time of a regular guy from the year 2011 to 1958. He is spurred on by a friend  to kill Lee Harvey Oswald, thereby saving John F. Kennedy.  I won’t say anymore so as not to spoil for those who might want to read it. Suffice it to say, he has a personal mission to accomplish as well as the grander one.

Anyway, no idea where this is headed, except that we all have a personal mission in life or at least we hope to. Purpose is all.

Sometimes it’s gimme, sometimes it’s take-y, but no one comes out unscathed.



22 thoughts on “What About Bob

  1. everyone out for themselves. i really try my best to keep away from the political news (i’m a news junkie so it’s hard not to get fix now and again), but maybe there is connection between the gimme mindset and the attraction to a narcissistic candidate. my purpose is to do my damnest that anyone but him is elected to the oval office.

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    • I agree. Our consumer culture of gratification for it’s own sake has created horrific greed, an oligarchy…and a corporate candidate. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner, but here we are and Pandora is out of the box….a monster. But I also see this as a very fertile time for radical change….hopefully progressive and compassionate. A society that cares for its most vulnerable people; this includes our planet and its creatures will survive…thrive. It’s up to all of us to direct that change….it’s a very volatile election year…I cannot stop watching!

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      • there is indeed a counterbalance of progressive (and moderate) forces out there, and for the moment I still feel this side will prevail (at least in the election cycle). But the monster is still loose and even more riled up. As saying goes, cursed is the one who lives in interesting times. But it is mesmerizing.


      • Well put, Brooklynsoul. I tried to “like” it, but WordPress wouldn’t let me. I’ve come to believe the potential of a Republican presidency is less fearful than I had earlier. The groundswell insurgency Bernie Sanders’s candidacy is fueling may well be the most important cultural occurrence in my lifetime. If he wins, and the midterm elections sweep out some of the obstructionist deadwood in Congress, we’re on our way to achieving the kind of truly democratic republic Jefferson envisioned at our founding. Even if Bernie falls short of the White House, he will have accomplished something unprecedented in my experience–a rousing of our people that will not be turned back. This really is an incredibly exciting election season.

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  2. A good book… It’s hard to fathom that one person, Lee Harvey Oswald could have changed history for the rest of time. That he, by his actions is responsible, or at least partially, for the political mess we’re in.

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  3. How would we know? Kennedy did not die and was a terrible president causing WWIII which destroyed the world. Oswald was a time traveller from the future who succeeded in taking him out, saving us all. Tinkering with time is a tricky business. If Trump gets sworn in, will the time travellers return? I am following the story you are reading–nuff said.


  4. I am not a person who goes along with the majority “just because” and I do not normally do the mass panic thing but I am truly in fear of what is going on in the political world right now. Is is just me or does this situation remind others of the Hitler regime? It gets worse every day. We have seen that ego can destroy a civilization, wake up people! I am going to stop at this point, otherwise I will get up another step on my soapbox until I reach the point of no return. Suffice it to say that I think that the political arena needs to be taken seriously BY THE PEOPLE at this time. I think we may have to find a peaceful way to intervene but I wouldn’t know where to start. Believe me, I do not normally involve myself in politics.😡

    O.K. I feel better and you all feel worse right?😌

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