(photo: David Robert Bliwas)

It was a time
when I thought
smoking cigarettes on the roof
with Janine
was a sin

Janine was my “cool” friend
She wore tight tops
and sat on men’s laps

Catholic girls in Jackson Heights
didn’t do that

I swore I heard someone coming
so in my haste
to tamp it out
ashes fell and bubbled
a scar on my knee

We ducked but
nobody came
I was so afraid
of sin, always sin,
but she wasn’t

She had no fear
She was cool
but never mean

8 thoughts on “Janine

  1. Guilt and sin….seems like I was always in Saturday confession because of something I did wrong (And to think, I never smoke, drank or did drugs! What a boring kid I was!!!) 🙂 Great poem, Erica…like Greg, I wonder what happened to her…..

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  2. Those were the days, when smoking was sinful, even saying a “bad word” drove us into the confessional but, it was also cool, and that my friend made us brave. You are so brave!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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