Re-Animator Redux


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Last night at the very civil, final Republican debate (no penis talk, mind you), Trump announced that Ben Carson would be endorsing him today.  He noted that Carson would play a “big, big part” in his campaign. Perhaps he will, that is, if he’s able to stay conscious long enough.

In his endorsement, Carson said there were “two Donald Trumps”  — “one that the public sees, and another more reserved and ‘cerebral’ man who ‘sits there and considers things very carefully.’ ”

Sounds like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Carson forgave Trump’s past name calling.  At one point,Trump referred to him as “unstable” and having a “pathological disease,” and likened him to a child molester who could not be cured.

Carson said, “We have buried the hatchet,” and praised Trump’s “guts” and “energy.”

Two Donald Trumps, cerebral, hatchet, guts — all the makings of a great horror/comedy flick. Speaking of horror, Carson looked pretty darn sleepy during his endorsement. Trump might have to start  the reanimation process immediately.

I have to give my brother Rick credit for posting the Re-Animator photo (above)  on Facebook — it inspired me.

Happy Friday, everyone!



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