Comfortably Numb


(2001 A Space Odyssey, Rookuz)

Today is not yesterday
but kind of the same
trying to will myself into
even sad,
but feeling mostly

Where have I gone?
When will I return?

Floating in a stratosphere
of my own making
sometimes it’s easier
to simply go away


11 thoughts on “Comfortably Numb

  1. Hi Erica. Could numb also mean at peace? Do we need constant stimulation? To feel great or awful or else we feel that something’s missing? What? What if this, just now, is perfectly complete? With sadness or happiness, intensity or dullness – it is all just arising and passing away. We get to decide how agitated we’ll be with the show.


    • Lynn, I suppose numb can mean at peace, but I’m not feeling that way at the moment. Sometimes I tune out (aka “anedonia”) for self-protection. Something I did as a kid and once for a prolonged period of time in junior high to high school.


  2. Numb is not a good thing….not for you. Sometimes I think the world gets to be too much. There’s just too much noise and chatter everywhere. We go on over load…and we need to get rebooted. Step back from it all….take a deep breath and come back when you feel ready. Sending you love and peace….lots of peace.

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  3. Erica, I so understand. I floated away sometimes as a child from trauma. It’s such a strange state. I never read it described so well. I’d say, Mom I’m not here. I felt my words like a detached voice. So strange what our minds will do.

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