Litter Box Surfing


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Nothing like stepping in a litter box to start your day off with a bang. Yes, I did the unthinkable this morning, and stepped in one of the four kitty litter boxes  with my flip-flopped left foot.

We have four cats and used to have two litter boxes, but found that box wars ensued, and accidents (?) occurred, so Lorin and I thought it best to increase the number of boxes to four–one for each kitty.

This morning while I was litter box surfing — the act of agilely manuevering one’s slippered feet in between the boxes set up in their own private basement corner nook while scooping from one to the next.

And since you asked, I am not the best swimmer, nor can I surf. I tried windsurfing once in Cancun and was the only person in our group of beginners (although some seemed to take to it immediately) who spent most of her time off the board and eventually swam to shore.

Anyway, imagine me in pajamas and flip flops, a skilled kitty scooper, with years of experience under her belt, losing her footing (blame it on the lack of coffee). Not only did my foot become submerged in the box (fortunately I had just cleaned it),  but I tipped the damn thing over lengthwise so most of the contents spilled all over the floor. Wipeout!

That was my exciting morning.

Now tell me about yours.

7 thoughts on “Litter Box Surfing

  1. Erica,
    I am going to offer some unasked for advice. I have been around the block with regard to cat pee and have it down pat (no pun intended). First of all: Nature’s Miracle crystal cat litter which can be pricey but worth it because it lasts longer and really defeats the smell once the poop has dried, unfortunately that is always going to be an issue. However, the poop does dry out and the pee sinks to the bottom so you scoop the poop and stir the pee. I hate litter all over my house but who doesn’t? I bought a mat at Petsmart that I would have sworn would be useless but I was determined. It is some kind of vinly strips sewn together. I’m not sure what it contributes but it is part of my formula. I read about a solution to tracked cat litter in “Cat Fancy” magazine and it works quite well. I bought a clear plastic storage bin with high sides from Wal-Mart, nothing fancy, just a storage bin. It needs to be clear so that the cat can see out because they don’t trust us not to steal their poop. The high sides prevent most litter tracking. With four cats, you may not have room but consider it. The icing on the cake is the “Litter Genie” which is worth its weight in gold. I’m sure you have seen them advertised but they have an endless plastic bag that you tie the bottom end and after you scoop poop into the well, you slide out a slide and the poop falls into the bag under it, no smell escapes from stored poop. On trash day, I just pull down the plastic from the bottom to contain the poop and tie it off to put in the trash. It even has a cutter installed to cut off the bag which you then tied off from the bottom again. We went through the turf wars and OMG! We were literally living on concrete floors it was so bad. We actually had to cut out the carpet. However, Nature’s Miracle has invented “Just for Cats” and it is amazing. You may or may not be interested in using part of all of this but believe me when I tell you “I been there, done that and have several t-shirts”.😼

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    • Patricia, thank you for the recommendations. We tried some super-expensive cat litter box with a tray underneath but it didn’t work (don’t ask). We ended up removing the bottom half and just using the plain box. it seems with 4 boxes things have calmed down considerably. My own cat surfing spill was on me – I was overtired and multi-tasking.

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  2. Not much one could call exciting. I made it to the espresso maker without incident. I should be more thankful to be blessed so.

    I first heard the song “Wipe Out” as a small child growing up in San Diego, the neighbors’ teenage son playing it with his garage band over and over and over and over. The first time I felt like an old man, wanting to go out into the night air in my pajamas, yelling “Would you kids knock off that dang blasted racket! Some of us are trying to get some sleep!”

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