Ash Wednesday

I didn’t go for ashes today
haven’t gone in years

day after Mardi Gras
dust on the forehead
dust thou art 
and unto dust
thou shalt return

I don’t need to be reminded

I used to go without
thinking why
it didn’t matter
it is what good
Catholics do

a reminder
that we were
cast out of the garden
for eating
the evil fruit

I like apples
I like pears
I like most any
kind of fruit

dust thou art 
and unto dust
thou shalt return

I want to be
so I will
return to dust

but I plan to eat
plenty of apples
before I do


11 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday

  1. Hmm, Peach cobbler, Cherry pie, Key Lime pie, Bananas Foster! Fruit Compotes, Fruit Salad!!
    We must not let primitive myths get in the way of Healthy Fruit….Ha!
    Damn shame the way archaic religious belief systems cancel out facts, and make psychic prisoners
    of Good people.
    Like the poem though.
    Gonna devour a pomegranate right now, and imagine ancient Greece. Those folks didn’t give a hoot about “evil fruit”….

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  2. Apples, pears, mangos….keep picking from the tree of knowledge and dance, dance, dance! No need to have a reminder on your forehead when you’re living in the now. Great poem!

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