Jesus Man


(photo by Taber Andrew Bain)

Jesus Man
red sign
with white lettering
above his head,
it says,

He doesn’t
a word

Until today
with his fliers.
sign on the ground
I’d never seen it
out of his hands

jerking his
hand forward
at each
trundling down
the ramp toward
subways 7, N, R, Q,
S, 1, 2, 3
“Jesus!” he said

that’s all,

I shook
my head no
when he
thrust it at me
was I
shirking off
The Lord?
my final hope,
perhaps, my only

So many fliers
cast off on
the dirty ramp
so many feet
on it
each day

Is Jesus
in that piece
of paper
in that red sign,
in that man’s hands?

If Jesus is love
he is



8 thoughts on “Jesus Man

  1. ‘…wouldn’t concern myself with, “Jesus” , the man, the myth, the sign, or the fliers….
    -but would readily embrace the ‘Love’ whenever/where ever it is encountered.

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  2. Jesus usually saves, but this time he wasn’t saving any trees.Love, love, love…can be found anywhere and everywhere…even with a delusional New Yorker preaching in the subway. Love!!!

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