Karen Carpenter

Young Karen Carpenter
played the drums,
sang the blues,
even if we
didn’t know it
It’s yesterday
once more

Her oversized heart
gave out at 32
but her angel voice
still lives

A childhood
idol to me
I starved
myself too
but not because of her

We all have
our reasons

Music schmaltzy?
I guess to some
but for
a kid like me
it was hopeful,
and true

Top of the World

Rainy Days and Mondays

We’ve Only just begun
to live . . .

Close to You






12 thoughts on “Karen Carpenter

  1. She had a beautiful voice. The Carpenters appear now and then on the old variety shows aired on the local Seattle retro stations. I forgot how many tv variety shows there were. I cannot think of a single contemporary variety show at all at the moment.

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