Enough, Sean Penn

Please, Sean Penn, enough of yourself. I liked you for a while when you were an actor. You were excellent in The Falcon and the Snowman with Timothy Hutton. You were still young and not yet quite so full of yourself. You were a working actor.

Then came the Academy Awards hosted by Chris Rock. Yes, we know that he’s a mere “comic,” not a rarefied-air-breathing Actor like yourself so he didn’t belong on that stage. And so when he said, “Who’s Jude Law?” mockingly (as comics are prone to do) in reference to his nomination for an award, you made a point of correcting Mr. Rock as to who Jude Law was in a most patronizing manner. I believe you said, “He’s one of the finest actors working today.” And the room fell silent with your thorny words. You have no sense of humor, Sean.

You went to Baghdad and Cuba as a “journalist.” You met Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez. You said you wanted to “excite your writing hand.”

Then you landed an exclusive interview with notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera (“El Chapo”) for Rolling Stone. We later discovered that El Chapo didn’t know who you were but agreed to do the interview because Mexican film star Kate del Castillo asked him if he would. El Chapo likes Kate del Castillo.

“What’s the name of this actor again?” El Chapo asked his lawyer when del Castillo contacted him.

And now, Sean Penn, you tell Charlie Rose (I saw a clip on CBS News this morning, but you can see the entire interview on 60 Minutes on Sunday) that the interview was a “failure”  because it did not accomplish what you had hoped, which was to “begin a conversation about the policy on the war on drugs.”

Did you really believe that your one interview would start a national conversation, Sean? I mean, I think we have enough on our plates right now in this country, with 20% poverty, homelessness, domestic terrorism, the need for gun control, the murder of innocent African-American men and boys, ISIS, the economy, the environment. Where have you been, Sean?

Yes, drug cartels and the War on Drugs must be dealt with too, but wake up and smell the coffee.  How did Robin Wright stay married to you for so long?


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