Mass Shooting Number 352

Thoughts and prayers
thoughts and prayers
the politicians say
sounds like hot air
sizzling with corpse

Number 352 in a 365-day year
Black Friday record gun sales
NRA in ass pocket of senators
buy away
buy away
kill our people
our children in school
and ask us to keep the families
in our thoughts and prayers

Thoughts and prayers won’t
bring back the dead
but politicians, you can do something
Goddammit – Do!

9 thoughts on “Mass Shooting Number 352

  1. The US is one of the most violent societies on earth. We’ve brought this upon ourselves by voting in representatives that participate in a system that allows corporations to rule our nation. The NRA, the oil lobby, chemical lobby, all these groups are killing us. We have to stop praying, and sending thoughts and love, and start doing something. We can start by picking up the phone and calling our representatives and demanding gun control laws now. Because we all know tomorrow, more innocent people will die, until we stop the insanity.

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  2. Awake from the dream of believing your “elected officials” can effect any sort of change. Sad but true.
    “They”, never have…never will. Check out the history re: social change and action. Action is always instigated by those fearless individuals “outside” the political area. Then, and only then is it championed by some ego driven out of touch “representative”, ‘inside’ the political area.. I am certain, due to the emotional complexity of the topic, my conviction that guns are a subtext, and all the laws in the world will not keep guns out of the hands of criminal minds, will be an unpopular one. Laws mean nothing to criminals, that’s why they are criminals. Law biding respectable people w/guns are not the problem.
    It’s the human mind run amok, It is bat-shit crazy to mow down innocent folks. Why are we not dealing w/mental illness as the primary weapon. Some sonafabitch, loses their mind and wants to kill, they will do it with whatever is available, gun laws or no.. People kill people. Sad but true.
    How about we get all the mental health care professionals/specialists in their field, the finest minds who endeavor to know the mind, w/all their combined understanding and mandate that they get their shit together and come up w/ a way to stop the crazy… I mean WTF did they get an education for, does all the psycho-bable over the last century mean nothing,what are they getting paid for???
    And while I’m at it: Fuck the war on terror, fuck the war on drugs, and all the other ‘catch phrase’ wars What is really needed is a war on stupidity.
    If we had been fighting such a war, we wouldn’t be dealing with this senseless waste of life.
    But the “Representatives” prefer stupid. It makes their job a piece of cake. Somehow in the course of it all; “For, Of and By the People” got whacked.

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    • TC, I agree with you on most everything you said. I do not believe the politicians will actually do anything, but I am expressing my outrage and frustration. I agree that the people have to protest and rise up against this madness. I disagree, however, that mentally ill people are the prime perpetrators of these shootings. Studies have shown the contrary. The politicians, particularly Republicans like Paul Ryan & Co. love to use the mentally ill as scapegoats for the carnage.


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