Xmas or Bust


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This poem was inspired by a Facebook friend’s post this morning.

Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Giving Tuesday
Worthless Wednesday?
Thankless Thursday

Let’s continue:

Fraternizing Friday
Scatological Saturday
Sexy Sunday
Monstrous Monday
Toxic Tuesday
Wombat Wednesday
Taciturn Thursday
Freedom Friday (TGIF!)
Sleep-in Saturday
Saucy Sunday

I don’t like labels
especially for the holidays
Who converted Christmas to “Xmas” anyway?

X marks the spot
X for excess
X for absentia
Ex as in ex-boyfriend, -husband or -friend?

I’m not a super-Christian,
but a lapsed Catholic
so maybe that makes me an “X”–
something less

Wikipedia says
the X doesn’t erase the “Christ” in Christmas
“X” comes from the Greek letter chi,
first letter of the Greek word Χριστός which translates “Christ.”

Plain red Starbucks coffee cups
don’t bother me,
nor do
white and silver snowflake cups
from Au Bon Pain

I prefer “Xmas” myself because
it’s fewer letters to key
and I’ve been typing to


12 thoughts on “Xmas or Bust

  1. I actually think that it would be kind of hilarious if every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas had its own theme… by the time December 20th rolled around, people would be all out of ideas and would have resigned themselves into celebrating “Suckerfish Sunday” where everyone has to put on oversized lips! Now that’s true holiday spirit!! 😀

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  2. The celebration of Immanuel (God with us) coming into the world has almost been drowned out by the commercialism that is Hallothankmas. these days. Jesus got lost somewhere in the process. So we need to go back to the old Roman Saturnalia from which the date came and just forget about anything to do with Jesus. We could rewrite the song: O Come, All You Faithful to say:: “O Come, all you shoppers, fighting for the bargains…O Come you who rose up in the wee hours of the night. Come to the Mall where al the l bargains abound. Come and check prices,and buy while you are able. O Come let us shop all night. O come let us shop all night. O come let us shop all night. Business need i!!!

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