Terror World

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Downed plane in Egypt
Syrian refugees
43 killed in Beirut
Paris attack
Yazidi girls made into sex slaves,
older ones murdered
—“too old to be sold for sex”

We are not blameless

I cannot comprehend
Not having lived in wartime
Having the privilege of white skin
I am safe, relatively,
But I am afraid

American intervention in Iraq

We don’t live in a vacuum

I don’t like living in Terror World
I’d prefer Westworld or Frontierland
or Adventureland or Fantasyland
But we’re not at Disney

This is where we’re at

We are not blameless

I pray for strength
for all of us
to move forward
not back



8 thoughts on “Terror World

  1. Absolutely beautiful piece, Erica….thought provoking, emotional….beautifully written. We live in some “scary times”….I sometimes want to go into “my bubble” and stay there, but realize that I can’t…it’s just sooooo warm and cozy in “my bubble” and so cold and scary outside of it. My heart is so, so sad with all the terrorism going on here and around the world…so, so sad…That’s for putting into writing what’s in my heart…. well-written piece.

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  2. I feel like screaming, crying, and then after watching the news, reading all the reports the world just goes back to the status quo…as we all seem to do. If only we could all collectively catch a breath and make a promise for peace. If only…


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