Sammy and the Centipede

Sammy and the Centipede

Sammy:  Quincy, what is that?

Quincy (only one paw in view):  I’m blind, so I’m not sure.

Sammy:  Oh.

Q, S and the Centipede

Quincy (head now in view):  Do you think I can play with him too?

Sammy:  Sure. Let me stare at him a little longer, and then we can bat him around.

Quincy:  Okay.

boys on table

(20 minutes later)

Sammy (right):  Now what do we do?

Quincy:  I don’t know. What do you want to do?

15 thoughts on “Sammy and the Centipede

  1. Bugs are always a problem when it comes to cats. I do not like bugs in general, though when humans have all died out, the bugs will still be here. The cats will probably be here as well. Tame cats do not seem to look at bugs and birds as food, just something to play with (and kill) until they get bored of it. What I don’t like about that centipede is that it is all alone. Where are the rest hiding? Have a good weekend, as I shall, abandoning all electronics for a few days.

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  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha !!! Hilarious!! “……..let me stare at him a little longer, and then we can bat him around” LOL!! cracked me up……… ‘hmph, needed that. Thnx 4 d mirth! 😀

    p.s., great caption for a cartoon on card, photo or illustration…

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      • Don’t need to draw,it’s about the concept.. just place the caption w/ the photo. The PHOTO IS the cartoon!
        No doubt you have tons of great shots on file, No doubt that nimble quick witted mind you possess would have no problem supplying a caption to each and every one….. Instead of a comic strip, it could be a pix strip! Ha!!
        In any event, rock-on!

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  3. Ah this definitely reminds me of my dogs! Well, one of them can’t see as well anymore, but the the other one is totally fascinated by bugs and other small critters. Once we sat by a small water pool with tadpoles everywhere and he was so obsessed with watching them and dipping his paw in, and then freaking out that his paw was wet!

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  4. I always intervene–can’t bear to witness even centipede suffering. However, every cat I’ve ever known has learned the phrase: “Wherezzabug?” (I am referring to flies. If they can catch then, they can eat them). (Your Quincy looks so much like my Mi-ro!)

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