Happy Hump Day

Bactrian Camel

(google images)

Morning work rush.
a piece of boiled egg
not properly chewed,
gets lodged in my throat
becoming a ball of cement

Hump Day
we call it Wednesday
but I’ve seen no camels
in the office

Wouldn’t that be fun?
Bring Your Camel or Other Humped Beast
to Work Day–
moose, rhinos, bison, and such
would a humpback whale suffice?
or a drawing of one–why not?

And shall it be one lump or two?
there are one-humped
and two-humped camels,
the humps providing fat for energy
when food is in short supply

Or maybe an egg
stuck in one’s throat
would satisfy the requirement for
a hump
or perhaps something a little more risque?

7 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day

  1. “Great astounding piece! This was absolutely brilliant, genius, outstanding. It was remarkably enlightening and perfectly worded!”


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