Pre-Pope at Tudor City Park, NYC

End DeadEnd

Sometimes I eat lunch at Tudor City Park. It’s quiet and peaceful and close to the U.N. Afterwards, I walk towards the “END” sign and gaze at the East River. In light of the fact that Pope Francis will be in town tomorrow, I thought I’d catch a glimpse pre-paparazzi.

Anyone else seen an “END” sign before?

9 thoughts on “Pre-Pope at Tudor City Park, NYC

  1. I’ve always loved that little park too, and the view of the steep steps that access it from the river. The End sign is a first for me. Funny that Dead End comes first on the street. As a driver, I often keep going when on a dead end street. usually looking for a turnabout space. So in NYC, it’s like like, “we’re serious, now this really is the End! Any turnabouts will be in the East River!.”

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