Packing Heat: Vagina-Style

When I read about a woman packing heat in her vagina in the New York Metro  this morning, I thought it was an isolated incident. Apparently I was wrong. I was so intrigued with the idea of “packing heat” in one’s nether regions, that I did a google search.

The most recent incident occurred in Waco, Texas on Tuesday, September 8. Ashley Castaneda, 31, was concealing a fully loaded, Smith and Wesson Escort in her lady parts; she was also charged with methamphetamine possession. The drugs were discovered first after she and her male companion were pulled off for a traffic violation. Apparently, she confessed to handgun possession on the way to jail for fear that it would go off.

Other occurrences:

April 22, 2014
19-year-old Dallas Archer of Tennessee hid a four-inch, five-shot mini revolver in her vagina. She was arrested for driving without a license, and the gun was discovered during a routine pat-down by a female police officer.

July 2013
Christie Harris of Ada, Oklahoma was sentenced to 25 years for concealing a loaded .22 caliber revolver in her vag and two clear baggies of meth in her anus.

January 2014
This one makes me sad. Jennifer McCarthy, ex-wife of author Cormac McCarthy, was engaged in a heated argument with her boyfriend. She went into the couple’s bedroom and re-surfaced clad in white lingerie and a silver handgun. He says she started to have sex with the gun, then withdrew it and pointed it at his head.  After a struggle, the boyfriend gained possession of the gun, which he then threw in the trash before notifying the police.

April 21, 2011
28-year-old Gloria Perez and 24-year-old Kelly Nicole Olson of southwest Florida were engaged in a fight and were questioned by Deputy John Poole. Poole radioed for assistance, and during a pat-down, the female deputy recognized Olson as Whitney Noelle Krimmel, with whom she had had previous contact. Krimmel was found with 25 different prescription drugs in her possession. Perez said she was feeling ill, so an ambulance was called. During the examination, medical personnel discovered two knives–one in her vagina, and another in a roll of fat in her stomach. A bottle of pills was also concealed in body fat.


I admit to being in awe of these women for sheer chutzpah. Yes, hiding loaded weapons in delicate body parts is not only dangerous and cold, but stupid (what if they went off?), but you have to admire the guts (and desperation) it took to put them there in the first place.

Any thoughts?


13 thoughts on “Packing Heat: Vagina-Style

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve heard about this before. Desperate people will do desperate things…and hiding contraband in one’s vagina is pretty old school..from shanks, heroin, booze, weed, pills…mother nature’s little purse. Alternatively men can pack all lot in their rectums as well…we humans are out of our fucking minds. Great post Erica….now if we can all think outside the box…..

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  2. I have heard of food being found in overweight people’s folds but weapons? At least they don’t put food in their Hoo Ha, or do they? In the movie, The Last Picture Show, one of the famous lines was when a mentally challenged boy was losing his virginity to a very heavy prostitute and she said “…you are fucking a fold.”

    On a different note, when I worked as a secretary in the Vice and Narcotics Division, the officers had a drug addict in a bathtub so he couldn’t try to flush the drugs. He grabbed the deflated balloon of heroin out of his anus and put it directly into his mouth and tried to swallow it. Yuck!

    Great post!

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