7 Things That Piss Me Off (and make me smile)

I know that “list posts” piss a lot of people off, but it’s all I’ve got today, and I need to write something since it’s been over a week. Here goes.

  1. Door snobs. Today I was holding the CVS entrance door for a fellow shopper, and she takes her pretty time (will she enter or will she not?) walking through, and does not acknowledge me in any way. Perhaps she thought I was a paid doorman/woman?
  2. Cell phone debutantes at the urban park. A tanned, sophisticate in black leggings, black shimmery tank top, gladiator sandals and gold pedicure (never seen anything like this – it was 3D) on cell phone complaining about a man who was talking “too loudly” to his friend, who was there in the flesh.
  3. Right hand passers. Pedestrians who squeeze past you on the right side when there isn’t enough room for them, and don’t say “excuse me.” It’s worse when they are lugging wheelie carts or suitcases.
  4. Litter bugs. No excuse for it, trash cans are everywhere in the city.
  5. Pigeons who beg at lunch time (or any time).
  6. Self-righteous, anti-smoker shaming hand wavers. These are the folks at the bus stop who see a person smoking 10 or more feet away minding their own business and trying desperately to shield their smoke, yet the anti-smoke haters feel compelled to wave their hands in their faces as if the smoke is killing them.  Get over it! You live in a polluted state—can’t even drink the water, we have hundreds of toxic waste dumps—and you’re worried about a little smoke?
  7. Crazy people in Shoprite. Several months ago, a man was charging down the aisles of my local Shoprite like a locomotive run amok. He scared me. He had an angry energy and a tight face that spelled trouble. Hence, I gave him a wide berth. At the rate he was going, he was sure to knock someone over and cause bodily harm. No idea what became of him.

Things That Make Me Smile.

  1. Courteousness. Saying please and thank you or excuse me doesn’t cost anything, and it usually makes people feel good.
  2. Chivalry.  I’ll never forget the nice man who moved the grocery cart from the parking space at Shoprite so I could pull in.
  3. My kitties greeting me at the door when I get home from work.
  4. My husband telling me I look beautiful even when my morning hair is a veritable rat’s nest (my mom’s coinage).
  5. A gentle breeze at the end of a steamy summer day
  6. Kids in Halloween costumes
  7. Witnessing a small (or large) act of kindness

14 thoughts on “7 Things That Piss Me Off (and make me smile)

  1. OMG! I’m so with you (with the exception of #6 – I am a major anti-smoker), but you had me shaking my head, YES to everything else! I once stood at a door (holding it) for over a minute one day….began to wonder if I should put my hand out for tips, for Pete’s sake!!! Ugh!!!! Rude, inconsiderate people drive me nuts!!!

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  2. Loving this list Erica!!! I have a major issue with littler bugs. It’s such an act of disrespect. Chivalry….it is sad that very few people know what that is anymore-or that it can be updated to be gender neutral. I myself am a believer in chivalry and will gladly give up my seat for anyone who looks like they need it more than I. Our world is so cruel….any act of kindness goes a long way to improve our life on this small over burdened planet. YAY for lists!

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  3. So more than once, I have read in the news about women getting into physical altercations with the employees of Walmart or other customers. One woman was coaching her son to hit the Walmart employee with a bottle of something. Who does that?

    Wait a minute, am I off-topic? It happens. 😳

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