A Bucket of Water

bucket of water

photo by Dave Lawler

A bucket of water stood on the ramp leading from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the 7, N-R and 1-2-3 subway lines. It was the kind of bucket that holds several bunches of flowers at the florist’s or outside the Korean delis.

Odd place for it to be, half-filled with water. I looked up to the ceiling. No leak.

Yesterday morning I found a small pool of water in front of the stove near the cat dishes. I looked at the ceiling, but no leak. It wasn’t cat pee.

Lorin found a pool of water in front of the refrigerator. He opened the fridge door–no leak.

Are these signs like the crop circles? Are aliens leaving pools and buckets of water as a message to us humans? If so, what does it mean?

Buckets of water and small pools, but no leaks.

This morning Samson puked on the Spiderman collapsible Frisbee that came in a box of Apple Jacks cereal. I saw it happen. He throws up every day, in different locations. No mystery in that.

yoga cat

Samson, not vomiting (photo by L.E. Swenson)

Mysterious, those leaks.

15 thoughts on “A Bucket of Water

  1. Ok, that’s creepy and suspicious….perhaps set up a cam to record the mystery…or go with the assumption it is gremlins or crop circles invading us. Anything is possible.

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  2. On her way down the stairs, my wife remarked, “a drop of water hit me in the head.” $8,000 later, after replacing the water rotted bathroom floor….. no more drops. I would have preferred it to be aliens, they are cheaper and a lot more fun….at least the ones I am familiar with are.

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  3. Re: the bucket, I might offer that it’s some kind of experiment to see if people will steal a valuable, antique, oaken bucket, (or a good replica of one) or whether they are still more impressed only by shiny, new, imported junk from China.


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