Nurse Fuzzy

Nurse catRadamenes (left) with a patient (photo –

Who says nurses have to be conventional? There was Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, one ball-busting lady. And of course there’s Edie Falco as Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. My husband has family members in the medical profession. His grandmother was the Director of Nursing at Jamaica Hospital, and his mom is a nurse practitioner. They are both good people who excelled / excel in their fields. Lorin referred to his mom as a “rock n’ roll” nurse back in the day.  That’s pretty cool.

But what about a non-human nurse, a nurse that communicates without words, heals without medicine. His name is Radamenes, and he hails from Bydgoszcz, Poland.  Once at death’s door, he now tends to the sick of various species, working for room and board. He is truly paying it forward, one cuddle at a time.


12 thoughts on “Nurse Fuzzy

  1. When they chose to be, cats can be extremely affectionate. I remember that after Michele and I rescued Squeaky from an animal hoarder and she had to have her bad teeth pulled, she was recuperating in the closet. It was her safe, secure place. Our first cat Nettie would come in to the closet to groom Squeaky and to knead her gently with her paws. We nicknamed her “Nurse Nettie.”

    Nettie also takes care of me and Michele when we are sick. There have been occasions when I was lying in bed feeling horrible and Nettie would come sit on my chest, begin purring, and start kneading my chest, neck & arms. She knew I wasn’t feeling well, and she wanted to comfort me. We are lucky to have a great cat like her.

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