Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Once a week or so, I treat myself to a real cup of coffee in the morning. By “real,” I mean non-office coffee, not that there’s anything wrong with it: it’s Green Mountain coffee in Keurig cups and it’s not bad. But I really enjoy the coffee at Au Bon Pain, better than at Starbucks or any other local coffee café. Better still, it’s conveniently located in the Port Authority Bus Terminal, right before the glass doors leading to the subway. Only a couple other commuters graced the Pain today—must be due to Holy Week—so no pushing and shoving or waiting to grab your package of sweetener or pitcher of milk product to complete the morning elixir.

While I was carefully mixing my ambrosial brew, I overheard one of the baristas (not sure if it’s correct to call Pain cashiers baristas since they don’t whip up exotic brews) say, “I’m sick of this song. Every morning, over and over, the same thing.”

“Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” from the musical Oklahoma was wafting through unseen speakers.

She was talking to her customer. “I wish they would play something else, or I could hook up my iPod.”

The customer seemed sympathetic, nodding.

She continued, “Yeah, it’s like ‘beautiful morning, beautiful morning’ over and over. It drives me nuts, and it’s on a loop, repeating itself with the same other songs. Dang.”

Her customer said, “Yeah, that must get tiresome.”

I started to feel a bit nostalgic, thinking how much I still enjoyed the song, even though it wasn’t being sung by Gordon MacRae, who played Curly in the 1955 film. It’s always his voice I hear when I think of Oklahoma.

I can see how it might become insufferable to hear the same songs piping in over and over again at your place of work, or anywhere, for that matter. Then I kind of envied her for being able to listen to music at work. In any event, it’s been a fine morning so far.

9 thoughts on “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

  1. I love drinking coffee and enjoying the mornings. Usually rise abot 5 a.m. so I can do so and write in my journal and plan my day. Seeing the beauty of a morning with a cup of coffee I consider God’s gift to me to get me started well on the day! Thanks for sharing

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  2. Innocence, hope and oh what a beautiful morning is what we wish for each and every day! It’s such a classic song-and I just went and listened to it on You Tube, from 2 different performances….and I feel happier already!! But that’s what great music can do-transport us to a happier time.

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  3. I really like this post Erica; Oklahoma was a favorite musical of mine growing up (my mom played the record on our stereo back in the 70s) and I loved the story and the songs. I feel the same about some of the music I hear at our gym. At 6:30am, mostly Baby Boomers are up that early working out, so let’s have some classic music! However, at a coffee house, I personally would love to hear Curly singing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”. I guess if you work there, the same songs could get old. Thanks for the cool memory!!

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