I Was Waiting for You

meandmom on grass

Mom and me on the grass. 

I called Mom last night, haven’t seen her since last weekend—had to rest my post-op foot the last few days.

It was almost 8 p.m. D, the nurse answered.

D:        Your mom is right here in front of me. (to Mom) Katherine, it’s your daughter.

Me:      Hi, Mom. What were you doing?

Mom:  I was waiting for you.

Those words felt satisfying. Maybe it’s co-dependent, though I’m not a fan of that word. Doesn’t love require us to be co-dependent sometimes, after all?

Me:     Any good movies on today?

Mom:  No, just ads.

Me:     Oh, well maybe they’ll be a good one on later.

Mom:  The snow in the backyard is going away.

Me:     Yeah? I guess it’s about time. Friday is the first day of spring.

Mom:  Really?

Me:     Yes. So we can go outside soon.

Mom:  That would be nice.

Me:     We can go outside in the garden.

Mom:  Yes.

Me:      How are you feeling?

Mom:   Pretty good.

Me:      How is Mouse*?

Mom:   She’s fine, she’s holding her own. (pause) I need some cookies.

Me:      The chocolate grahams?

Mom:   Yes, those are my favorites. (excitement in her voice)

Me:       Anything else you need?

Mom:    No, I don’t think so.

Me:       Okay, Mom. I’ll bring them this week. Have a good night.

Mom:   You too, dear.

Time will stand still till I speak with her or see her again. She seems less and less aware of the passage of time these days. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

*     Mouse is her stuffed animal cat, named after her deceased cat of the same name.

7 thoughts on “I Was Waiting for You

  1. There’s such tenderness in your writing about her – I am a little choked up about her anticipation of the chocolate grahams. You do it so simply, but so profoundly – you bring me right to the exchange.
    Love you, love how you love your mom.

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  2. The picture of you and your mother on the grass is priceless! It’s clear you have a special bond with your mom, as only mothers/daughters do. How lucky you are to still have her, and your writing tells me so. 🙂


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