Hair by Karl

My hair has the most bounce and body when a certain stylist is at hand, namely, Karl. He’s mysterious though, only working by night, usually when you’re asleep. Let me show you the wonders he has worked with me.

hair by karlHBKHBK 3

In the first shot you can see the obvious surprise on my face when I initially witnessed his genius.

In the second shot, I play a bit with the do, experimenting with different facial angles and expressions (yes, I have done some acting in my day).

In the final shot, I’m working the sass, the badass, saying “Look out, world, don’t f**k with me!”

And here is the Master himself, at leisure.

Karl in the sun

BTW, Karl has a very demanding schedule.  His roster of clients includes primarily super-models (did the recent fashion show at Bryant Park) and A-list celebrities. Needless to say, I am ever-grateful that he finds the time to squeeze me into his busy schedule.

Thank you, Karl.

All photos by E. Herd


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