Chuckles, the Bus Driver

sad clown mural

Will Russell

Chuckles is the saddest bus driver you ever did see
but he isn’t testy, and he isn’t mean
he picks us up at the same time every day
but when you say “good morning,” he turns the other way

I’ve tried to get through to him, Lord knows I have
hoping on a Friday he wouldn’t be so sad
still sullen as ever, he turns the other cheek
perhaps he’s simply mild-mannered or meek

I wonder if I poked him or brought him a beer
you think that would cheer him, or would he think it queer?
of course, I’d tell him it was for after his shift
wouldn’t want him to get in trouble or drive us into a ditch

Perhaps a mug that says “Best Bus Driver Ever” would do the trick
or would that go against driver / commuter etiquette?
What about Bus Drivers Appreciation Day, I think it would be swell
they certainly deserve it, they go through hell

Commuters yell at them when buses are late
we know they’re not to blame, but sometimes haters gotta hate
we could storm Christie’s office, demand the transit system be improved
but Governor Christie, as we know, has more important things to do

Despite his glum demeanor, I hope Chuckles finds joy
perhaps he’s a Rhodes scholar, and is merely underemployed
at least he has a job, we all know that is a boon
so Happy Friday all, and remember, your bus driver has a heart too.

4 thoughts on “Chuckles, the Bus Driver

  1. Great prose!! There have been many a bus driver I’ve shared similar feelings for. Though, I have come a across some very happy enthusiastic folks too. But, most have been either sullen or bored. It’s a rough job for sure and they’re heroes for getting us all to our destinations safely while putting up with a helluva lot of crap. Cheers to the bus drivers!

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  2. One day when I was a kid, a bus turned up our street and stopped at the house next door. The thing is, we did not live on a bus route. Some passengers got out. Some stayed on the bus. Some laughed and joked with each other, others were not amused.

    The driver, a brother of our neighbor, apparently was having a nervous break-down and decided to invite everyone to his sister’s house for lunch. He was a sweet guy – but the bus company was not so sweet.

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