Baby Momma


Dolores and Mom II

Mom with her mother (my Grandma Rose) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In a dream
I carried you
swaddled like an infant
you weighed so little,
as if you had no bones
“You’re so light,”
I said,
Then it hit me
it was you—now
85 years old
vulnerable and lost,
you didn’t speak or move.
where was I carrying you?



11 thoughts on “Baby Momma

  1. Dear Erica,
    This reminded me that all you are doing for your mother is as much for yourself as for your mom. You are the person who cares, who puts her care into action, even when that care is not appreciated. The fact that you don’t turn your back on her means that your heart is continuously being strengthened. Keep on keepin’ on. xxoo

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